Thursday, December 17, 2009

Freelance writing jobs

I am working on some new articles for, I wrote 4 new articles this weekend so I am happy. I am trying to get my library back up so I can start making more money. I am also looking for more freelance writing jobs on the side as well. I write articles for Ehow,Textbroker,Elance and Associated Content. The problem with finding steady freelance work is finding good sources of repeat jobs. Textbroker is fairly steady as you can write as much as you want and they update new jobs regularly. Associated Content is a similar site like Ehow in that you make page views and revenue shares.If you can write good quality unique content you may qualify for upfront pay between $2-$4 for articles 300-500 words in length.

Elance,oDesk, and are all bidding sites. I joined Elance and got a contract for 10 articles but haven't gotten anything since then. You post a profile and bid on open jobs. The main problem with sites like these is that they force you underbid in order to get the job. The 10 articles I wrote for the customer paid $50.00 which is $5.00 per 500 words. Reading the customer comments on the open jobs I see that a lot of them are trying to get writers to do articles for cheap. No kidding, I have seen ads that say they pay $1.00/500 words. Nobody in their right mind is going to write a 500 word article for a dollar. But this is what they expect and I know writers desperate enough to do it because they need the work. This is sad.

I am not a professional journalist and I have no degrees to fall back on.But I have achieved a 4 star rating at Textbroker and sold over 117 articles to them, I have published 65 articles at Associated Content and currently write and design my own blogs. I do all my own work and I have decided that I will not bid on anymore freelance jobs because I am not willing to take less than I feel is worth my time to do. I consider $5.00-$10.00 per article reasonable depending on the length of the article.

If you are looking for freelancing opportunities, check out and Associated Content. Avoid bidding sites altogether. Do not undervalue yourself in order to get the job.

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